Who am I, anyways?

Some call me Edo, some Edoguido.
I was Born in Monza, Italy, in 1993. After spending my late childhood and teen age messing up with Photoshop making themes and icons for Windows I discovered UI and UX Design, and decided to attend the Communication Design course in Politecnico di Milano, where I graduated in 2016, and where I am currently finishing my M.A.

I find particular pleasure in designing and coding experiences for users, specially by thinking with motion, which I consider an important tool.

I also am a deep nerd: messing around is my specialty, also with Python (I wrote a simple and hopefully useful tool, too) and Raspberry Pi.

Oh, did I say I'm a shortcut maniac?

Small Edo pressing keys on a keyboard

I'm a communication designer focused on UX
who also loves coding, python and dataviz.